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Serpico from Pori has signed a recording contract with the international Golden Robot Global Entertainment

The hard rock band Serpico from Pori has signed a recording contract with the international Golden Robot Global Entertainment, which owns over 12 record labels. The company represents artists such as Filter, Stephen Pearcy (RATT), Dizzy Reed (GN'R), Gilby Clarke (Ex-GN'R), Faster Pussycat, Riley's L.A. Guns, Rose Tattoo, Shepherds Reign, Hardcore Superstar, and Johnny Thunders. The company's headquarters are located in Los Angeles and New York.

"We are truly excited to welcome Serpico to Robot Distribution. Their innovative sound, coupled with an unwavering passion for creating music, adds a remarkably significant addition to our artist roster," said Mark Alexander-Erber, CEO of Golden Robot Records.

Jani Serpico, the band's multi-talent, commented, "Years of hard work and belief in our vision, coupled with collaboration with true industry professionals, seem to have yielded something remarkably great. Now we can definitely say that the opportunities to achieve something greater have significantly improved. Let's hope that the album and the new songs receive a warm reception. There isn't much else to wish for, except of course for the well-being of loved ones and the bandmates, otherwise, there wouldn't be a day without worry."

The band reflects on the positive aspects of the record deal as follows: "The distribution and marketing will be comprehensive throughout the United States and worldwide. The company has its in-house marketing departments, and marketing efforts will be substantial both financially and qualitatively, sparing no expense, as clearly stated in the contract. The label has its management and booking departments, which will be utilized according to the band's needs. Golden Robot Records is remarkable in that they design a unique marketing strategy for each of their signed bands. The record deal is also updated based on the artist's sales. In essence, GRR is an old-school record label that financially supports its artists in various ways, which is very rare nowadays but used to be quite normal."

Serpico released their previous album "The Chosen Four" in 2022. The next album, "Dressed in Flesh," is in the works: "The new album 'Dressed in Flesh' is being recorded at Astia Studio in Lappeenranta, fully produced and recorded by Anssi Kippo analogically on tape, just like the previous album 'The Chosen Four' (2022). The release schedule for the album has not been finalized yet, but the recordings will take place later this year, so the album is expected to be released next year in 2025. Singles will start dropping sometime this year once the entire schedule has been arranged. There seem to be just three gigs scheduled for this summer, but no more will be booked as the band focuses entirely on making the album. We aim to fill next year's calendar with gigs. Possibly a couple of gigs will be booked in Finland for the autumn, but nothing more at the moment."

Producer Anssi Kippo said, "For 30 years, I have produced, recorded, and mixed several albums that have sold gold and platinum. Serpico stands out not only because of their great songs but also because of the genuine sense of danger that emanates from them, both on stage and in recordings. Golden Robot Records is the perfect record label to help Serpico bring that sense of danger to the attention of the general public."

MEMBERS Vee Dour – Vocals Snake – Guitar & Backing Vocals Andy – Bass & Backing Vocals Jani Serpico – Drums & Backing Vocals

DISCOGRAPHY Bad Commercial EP (2011) Shallow Mistress (2014) Shout-single (2016) Ain’t Better to Leave -single (2017) Lightning Thunder Baby -single (2018) Rock Tattoo (Secret Entertainment 2018) The Chosen Four (Rockshots 2022)

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